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  • Malya has over 30 years performance experience and has advanced vocal training
  • Lessons for ages 7 - 107 years old (no experience necessary)
  • Correct pitch "insecurity"
  • Learn or improve basic singing techniques,
  • Breath support for a stronger voice, and
  • Earn those killer high notes
  • Correct bad habits
  • Practice favorite songs in the style you love
  • Prepare for auditions
  • Learn Song Writing
  • Get career guidance for taking the next step
The pic was taken at a public performance and included many of my students.

Brian B.


Malya is exceptionally skilled as a singing teacher and audition prep coach. She uses a very methodical approach to singing instruction and is also highly skilled in coaching students to prepare both monologues and songs for auditions. She sets high expectations, provides frequent, direct feedback and allows the student to quickly respond and improve. She is very supportive throughout the entire process.

Elena D.

Music Teacher

I'm a music teacher of guitar, piano and group classes. I went to see Malya and in just a few lessons, she completely helped me turn around my technique. She is a total pro and I can't recommend her highly enough!


Business man

I chose Malya originally because of her instructional credentials compared to others. However, because I'm a baritone, in the beginning I was concerned about taking instruction from a higher, female voice.  This has not been a relevant concern.  Malya's ability to watch me, understand what is occurring, and instruct me about improvements has been superb.  Working with her enriches my life.

Heather T.


Malya is enthusiastic, knowledgable, challenging and inspiring!
Every lesson is different and personalized to uncover my own voice. (Plus she's simply a fun, top-notch human being!)

Glen W.


I received an abundance of singing improvement techniques offered by Malya.
I am a much better singer today for having taken Malya's comprehensive singing instructions seriously and applying them.

Jillayne S

Professional Speaker

I hired Malya to coach my daughter when she was trying out for the musical Grease. We had a wonderful experience and she received the lead role of Sandy.  Her style is unique; it's all experiential. You learn how to get better by trying new things, adjusting, trying again, making mistakes and trying again. She is very positive, upbeat and fun! 

Beyond Singing

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Students sing in the style they like most.

My Inclusion Policy

I am strongly commited to offering services to the entire community including the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. Everyone is welcome.

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Singing has been my passion since I was a little girl. My earliest memory was having a singing competition on the playground in the fourth grade.  The other girl won that day - she was more popular - but I always knew that I was the better singer.
As I grew up I taught myself guitar and piano, and starting writing songs. In college I studied music (BA in Voice - U of Wa) and went on to work with master coach Lois Hartzell for many years - concentrating on classical music although my first love was musical theater. Stage fright was a problem for me, but I learned to work through it and became a highly accomplished performer in opera, oratorio, musical theatre, religious ceramonies and many many concert programs.  (Listen to my various videos on Youtube). I also was the singer/narrator for Puppet Theater for 5 years.

In 2009 I added teaching to my musical activities and have found this to be a very satisfying way to pass on the music, performance and career knowledge that I've learned over the years. I enjoy mentoring other singers and love to work with students who want to perform, overcome stage fright, win roles on stage, in choir or bands, or create their own opportunities for music making.


What kind of teacher am I?

I believe in being respectful and treating everyone with dignity, no matter your age. BUT - I am a teacher who has high expectations and I assume that you are looking for that from me.  My desire is to see you improve, and if I see that you have talent, drive and determination - I will match that energy with information.  I will be kind and encouraging but also truthful. You will learn from me.