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Therapeutic Singing for Older Adults

Group or individual therapeutic singing lessons
to benefit you or your loved one’s
heart, mind and body


active seniors

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I love working with older adults, and travel to my clients with the tools we need to sing and exercise right where you live. No arranging transportation or needing to find a special place to work! And all lessons are customized to fit the need and interest of the elder.

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Read more about the benefits of Therapeutic Singing Lessons for Older Adults:

You’re probably already aware of the many benefits of singing, including:
uplifting mood, relieving stress, reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure,
and providing comfort. And now for the REST of the story...


Respiratory issues such as COPD will benefit from:

• Increased Lung Capacity

• Strengthened breath “holding” and core stomach muscles

• Better habits of inhaling slowly and deeply

• Help to clear mucous from the throat and lungs.

Dementia issues will benefit from improved Brain Health:

• Increased blood flow to the brain (also a cardio-vascular benefit)

• Boosted memory recall from singing familiar songs

• Help to prevent or decrease depression

• Increased mental clarity


Lessons and exercises are designed to address the specific needs and interestsof the senior, and use techniques developed by Speech Language Pathologists
and Doctors of Vocology.

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Now that you've seen how much you or your older adult loves lessons, let's keep going!

Cathy B

Daughter and Caregiver

Mom is thrilled with the lessons.  She says you are "a very good teacher!"

Naomi S.

Live Action Adventure Guide.

"This course was incredibly enlightening! Malya turned what could have been dry content about the mechanics of vocal production into a very engaging and thought-provoking series. I've been singing and working with my voice professionally for years, and Malya's techniques are already helping me improve my instrument. I recommend Malya's videos to people of any experience level who want to develop their vocal skills!"

Elena D.

Piano and guitar instructor,

"My voice was tired and sometimes my vocal cords hurt. I worked with Malya and in just a few sessions, she completely turned around my technique. Her lessons addressed my issues so thoroughly, I went from feeling awful to feeling like I knew exactly what to do to get better."

Jillayne Schlicke

CEO - CE Forward, Inc.

"Are you a public speaker, educator, leader who needs help with your voice? Malya's videos provide all kinds of exercises for how we can stretch our muscles before and after speaking, just like an athlete would stretch before a race. You'll also learn how to transform your breathing, posture, and muscles to help you become a better speaker. The most important take-away for me was learning what I was doing that was straining my vocal cords, and how I can make subtle changes for a better tone. Malya Muth comes with my highest recommendation."